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Hey Horse Lovers! We came across something pretty awesome recently and wanted to share it with you. Imagine a horse that is just shy of 100 feet tall and weighs 300 tons! Stop imagining and hop a flight across the pond to Scotland and you can see them in person.

The Kelpies the world’s largest equine sculptures and are in Helix Park in Falkirk, Scotland. Sculptor Andy Scott created these giant horse-heads entirely out of steel. Modeled on Clydesdale horses, the two sculptures sit on either side of lock and canal basin and are viewed as an entry-way to the Scottish countryside.

Kelpies are mythological transforming beasts with the strength of 10 horses. Andy Scott, took the idea of the kelpies and merged it with a more contemporary equine sensibility to make sculptures that have both a nod to the mythological and a reference to the horse’s role in industry and agriculture.

If you have a change to visit Scotland, make sure to take a trip to Helix Park and visit these stunning equine sculptures.

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