$500,000 Yearling Prepped with RevolutionEQ

Posted by Wendi Schenkel on

If you follow race horse sales you understand what an honor it is to receive the prestigious Sale Topper Award. If you don't, having the top sale horse means you've accomplished the gold medal equivalent of the Olympic games only the prize in paid out in cash.

It's the honor all master horsemen are dreaming of. Not only for the financial gain but for the status, the marketing and the future clients that come when industry professionals earn top awards. 

Today we are celebrating one of our Clients, Concord Stud Farm of Cream Ridge, NJ for earning this prestigious award. 

Congratulations to the Meir Family! And thank you for trusting CareMore Nutrition to prepare your yearlings for the Harrisburg Sale. 

In case you're wondering which of our formulas Concord Stud Farm used to prepare their 40+ yearlings (with combined sale prices totaling almost 5 Million Dollars including the $500,000.00 Sale Topper Hip #144 Fifty Cent Piece)... it was RevolutionEQ Original. The same formula available on our site!

We had a bit of a party in the office yesterday including publishing our first ever Facebook Live from the office. We are just so excited here when we see our Clients succeed. Because we hand make each order everyone here in the office knows your name.

It's so exciting to see our efforts here paying off for our Clients and we are lucky we are able to live vicariously though you. Your success really is OUR business. 

Keep your eyes open for our new Sales Prep Formula coming in late 2018. 

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