Q: At CareMore we talk about filling the gap left by commercial feeds. What do we mean by that?
Most commercial feeds are lacking in healthy fats and oil. The feed bags available today are not air tight and therefore can't prevent oils from spoiling or leaking during shipping and storage. Also when grains are harvested the oils contained within the seeds are separated and sold at a premium. What's left is then a byproduct of the oil industry and is sold for livestock feed. Additionally, it's a challenge to keep healthy digestive bacteria alive in bagged feed without risk of spoilage or reducing shelf life.

Q: What is your most frequently ordered product, I'm not sure which one to purchase?
Unless our customers have a specific need they are trying to address with their horses, we suggest everyone starts with the RevolutionEQ Original formula. We love all of our formulas but not all horses need the added ingredients and most do exceptionally well with the Original formula.

Q: Why should I be feeding my horse grain (or bagged feed) in addition to RevolutionEQ?

If you want to achieve or maximize your results, it's best if you add a feed concentrate to your horse's daily feed program. It will be important that you read the feed bag label and have an accurate way to ensure your horse receives the full ration required to meet his daily needs, based on the specific product recommendations (for instance it may require you know an accurate weight on your horse and you may need a small scale to weigh the pellets to know the correct "dose").
Concentrates that others have been happy with in the past include:
  • Calf Manna by Manna Pro
  • Sunshine Plus by Blue Seal
  • Barn Bag by Life Data Labs  
  • Enrich 32 by Purina

 The reason for the feed concentrate is to make sure your horse has foundational nutrition available to him in case he's depleted from a missing essential nutrient, other environmental factors, or maybe past prescribed medications have interfered with absorption of a key vitamin or mineral. 

The RevolutionEQ you will be adding to whichever feed concentrate you choose has Vitamin E - and the dietary fats (especially Omega-3s), that aid in the absorption of Vitamins. RevolutionEQ also has digestive yeast enzymes and probiotics to further increase digestive efficiency and increase immune system function.

Q: Once I start feeding RevolutionEQ how long will I wait to see results?
We promise you will see a noticeable improvement in your horse's condition before you’re finished with your 30 day trial but as soon as 15 days. There are many professionals who have laid out their reputations to write raving reviews about RevolutionEQ. One director of a highly respected horse rescue wrote "no weight building supplement works better for our rehab patients". Our formulas are occasionally shipped to New Bolton Veterinary Clinic to assist in rehabilitation of rescue horses.

From our product insert:

"You should expect to see changes in your horse’s appearance in 10 to 15 days. Your horse’s coat will likely darken in color, and his skin and coat will begin to have more shine. Changes in your horse’s weight should be noticeable by day 15-20.

Around week 3, most owners report their horses seem more “settled”. Your horse’s attention span may improve in duration and focus. If you continue feeding this product beyond 30 days, hoof quality improves as new growth emerges and will be visible by week 10-12." 

Q: Are CareMore formulas endorsed by a real veterinarian?
Yes! CareMore Nutrition takes pride in advertising we are veterinarian recommended. Dr. Charlotte Willardson, a graduate of Cornell University and owner of a private practice specializing in performance horses, is a consultant to our research and development team. She also was there to oversee our first two years of field and clinical testing prior to our formulas going to market. Additionally, our team scoured research findings and reports from the most respected equine nutrition research facilities in the world.

Q: My horse refuses to eat other weight building supplements I've ever tried. What if my horse won't eat RevolutionEQ?
We have many customers who have enjoyed euphoric relief to find their horses love the smell and taste of our CareMore formulas. We are so confident your horse will eat it, we offer a full money back guarantee!

Help to get you started:

Please refer to RevolutionEQ bucket back label for Feeding Instructions.

As with any change in your horse’s diet, it’s best to introduce the RevolutionEQ slowly, over the course of a few days. There are 4 extra servings inside the bucket in the event your horse doesn’t “clean up” his feed the first few days. It’s best to throw away uneaten feed, rather than allowing it to pile up.

If your horse is fed a pellet-only diet and leaves the RevolutionEQ at the bottom of his dish, you can sprinkle a bit of water on the pellets so the RevolutionEQ “sticks” to the pellets until your horse is accepting of the change in feed.

We have found with our Senior horses - especially those that have dental issues - that mixing the RevolutionEQ into their soaked beet pulp works really well.

Q: I'm shopping around to educate myself. Help me to compare RevolutionEQ to other supplements on the market.
Most of our customers compare CareMore Nutrition formulas with Platinum Performance. The difference is PP only contains our first two ingredients.
Does your current supplement have:
A high quailty Flax Seed base?
Digestive Yeast Enzymes? (key ingredient for efficient digestion of long stem fiber)
Added Lysine for muscle development? (an essential amino acid for muscle building)
Pro-Biotics? (the immune system lives in the microbiota of the digestive tract) 
Linseed Oil? (the colic cure!)
Wheat Germ Oil?
Organic Coconut Oil?
Flax Seed Oil?

Q: Your product contains oil in the product. Can you explain the importance, and why the product has the long shelf life it does?
Fat calories in the form of oils, are the most efficiently digested fat source for horses with a digestibility rate of 90%. No other dietary form of fat comes close in digestibility.

In the past, it’s been a challenge to add fats to horse’s grain ratios because of low palatability. Also the benefit of the fat calories can vary widely depending on the source of the fat. NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL.
At CareMore we only use the highest-quality scientifically-proven superior, plant based oils not the cheapest oils. Flax, linseed, wheat germ, coconut and cold pressed soy oil add anti-inflammatory Omega 3 and are found in all of our formulas.

Adding beneficial oils to your horse’s diet also helps to stabilize glycemic index and has great benefit to horses with metabolic issues such as Cushing’s Disease or EPSM.

Horses are herbivores and therefore have evolved to eat only plant based diets.

Do you realize that some popular horse weight building supplements use animal fat in their fat source? Yuck! Be sure to read the ingredients label.
Yes, you read that correctly, their ingredients will list animal fat on the label so be sure to check!

Q: What are all the ingredients on the label I can’t pronounce?
CareMore Nutrition formula contain only 10 laser focused ingredients that each has a purpose and function. You may have been taught “if you can’t pronounce it from the label, then it’s not healthy” and we agree, with this exception, the PRO AND PRE BIOTICS. Yes, those ingredients you can’t read or pronounce are all scientific names for bacteria, the beneficial type.

We don't know of a single other product on the market in the USA with all our ingredients.
Our products also have NO fillers, preservatives, flavorings, colorings, or additives.

We only use ingredients that have been scientifically-proven to improve the health and well-being of your animal. We will use only American sourced ingredients. FDA approved tamper-proof packaging. We strive to work with like-minded, educated professionals who believe the horses' health, both your and ours, should be considered above all. No decision within the company will ever be made at the horse's expense. All of the formulas we sell have been field tested & proven for a period of 365 days minimum prior to being offered for sale.

Q: How long is the shelf life of your products?
Unopened bucket - 12 months
Once opened - about 3 months (no need to refrigerate)
Can be frozen for 12+ months

Q: How should the RevolutionEQ be stored?
The product should be kept sealed and away from the elements including air, water and sunlight to protect the beneficial micro-organisms and yeast cultures. Oils are fats and can potentially spoil if not stored in a sealed container.

Q: I've been told that soy is not good for horses. If soy is bad why do you use it in your CareMore formulas?
One serving of RevolutionEQ contains about one tablespoon of extruded soybean so a very small amount per serving. We use soybean meal because horses love the taste. Equal to how you may add sugar or spices or salt and pepper to enhance the flavor of your food, we use soy to create an extremely palatable supplement with an enticing aroma. The granular consistency of the ground soy encourages chewing and prevents the flax meal from sticking to the roof of your horse's mouth like peanut butter.
Plus, soybean is an excellent, highly digestible source of muscle building amino acids!

Additional Resources on soy:
In an online article posted by TheHorse.com two veterinarians talk about their professional opinions on the use of soy in horse’s diets.

Amy M. Gill, PhD, an equine nutritionist from Lexington, Ky., says:
"Horses need vegetarian sources of protein to supply amino acids. As far as we know, soy protein provides the closest match to equine amino acid requirements," said Gill. "Many of the human soy-related problems reported in the news are coming from women who overconsume soy protein, affecting their reproductive hormones, or from people who are truly allergic to soy products."

Gill continued, "Because horses are strict herbivores, they can have completely different metabolic responses to digesting individual ingredients than omnivorous humans do, so the effect of these ingredients could be different. No data currently exists, that I'm aware of, that shows soy protein has a negative effect on horses when it's fed in reasonable amounts, such as those included in nutritionally balanced horse feeds."

Dr. Grogan also cautions owners not to throw the soy baby out with the bathwater. "While soy protein can have negative health consequences, cold-pressed, unrefined soybean oil has beneficial antioxidant effects, including stabilizing blood sugar and improving metabolic balance. We recommend soy oil as a positive addition to a well-rounded feeding program," he said.