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 A message from our Founder and CEO

Fellow Horse Lover,

I would not be who I am today without the magnificent horses I have been blessed with in my life. Along with my two daughters, Deana and Corryn, I have taken part in the most incredible experiences—made best friends from around the world, rubbed elbows with our idols, and had the proudest moments in our lives—all because of our horses.

Being a certified Health Coach from the Institute at Integrative Nutrition, I have always had a passion for pursuing the best health for my family (fur family obviously included), and myself. As I have studied health and nutrition over the years I found a major gap in the nutrition available to my horses and to my family - I know I can’t stay healthy just eating from a bag…so how could my horse? I teamed up with a pharmacist, a veterinary and applied my own nutritional knowledge and passion to develop the best supplement to bridge the gap for my horses.

The formulas we sell here at CareMore are the exact same formulas we developed and used to bring our own horses to the highest level of competition. Some of our most loved horses came into our lives as rejected rescues, but once they started getting care and proper nutrition, quickly began earning ribbons at nationally recognized competitions.

We believe all horses have the potential for greatness. They don’t need famous bloodlines, they don’t need to be stabled in ivory castles- in fact they can live in your own back yard, like mine do. And although we are fortunate to have our horses in-training with world-famous trainers, we always groom and manage our horses’ daily care with a hands-on approach – with our own hands. We value the bond that comes with hands-on-horse care more than the winning itself.

If you love your horses the way we love ours, we want to share with you what we have found to be our greatest competitive edge: Nutrition.

We believe you and your horse(s) can and should be world class, too. We partner with horse owners, like you, to improve their horses’ health and performance. Our veteran clients always rave about their horses improved conditions to us and to their friends. Our new clients are always pleasantly surprised to see the changes in their horses in as little as 15 days into using our formulas. We even hear glowing reports from our clients’ veterinarians and farriers about the overall health and condition improvements in horses that were already considered to be in good condition.

Wouldn’t you enjoy the emotional satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing you are providing nothing less than the best for your horse?

 If you want:

  • Improved condition
  • Increased quality of life
  • A superior level of health that naturally gives a competitive edge

If you value your horses’ health the way you value your own.
CareMore’s formulas are the best gifts you can give to the horse who has given you so much.
Our motto will always be: “Take what you have and make it the best it can be”.

Cheers to your horses' health and your prosperity!

Be well,

Wendi Schenkel

Founder & CEO 
CareMore Nutrition, LLC

Wendi Schenkel with Deana Schenkel on "LeCanto"


 Corryn Schenkel showing "Cadenzato"



"We believe that nutrition plays a role in every process in the body and that a well-nourished body has the ability to heal itself."

Calling all horse owners and advocates: If you believe in a holistic approach to health and are looking to improve your horse's quality of life we want to be on your team. 


Our VALUES guide us in our mission to formulate revolutionary products that fill the nutritional void left by today's commercially-bagged feeds.

Product Safety & Integrity:
We value SAFETY and INTEGRITY. We carefully select only American-sourced ingredients that are scientifically proven to support animal health and wellness. All of our formulas are hand mixed here in our home office in Rochester, NY in our restaurant style kitchen.
Our formulas will PERFORM as PROMISED. We are dedicated to nourishing a healthier world, together.
We bring an unrelenting focus to animal health - both yours and ours. We believe every animal deserves to live a HEALTHY, fulfilled life.
We value TRUST, therefore we will never use "proprietary protection" when listing our ingredients. We believe in full disclosure formulas; our labels list all ingredients by name.
We believe our Clients are not just partners - they are FAMILY.
To HONOR you, we offer a cheerful money-back guarantee if our formulas fail to meet your expectations. Just send a hassle free email to orders@caremorenutrition.com with “Refund” in the subject line. Someone from our office will contact you within one business day by whichever means you indicate is best for you.  
We fulfill our RESPONSIBILITY to the earth with fully recyclable (or re-purposable) product packaging.

The CareMore Mission:

We exist for the better health of our Client’s pets. We create revolutionary formulas that fill the nutritional gap left by commercial bagged feeds. We only use ingredients that have been scientifically-proven to improve the health and well-being of your animal.  We only use American sourced ingredients. FDA approved tamper-proof packaging. We strive to work with like-minded, educated professionals who believe the horses' health, both your and ours, should be considered above all. No decision within our company will ever be made at the horse's expense.


CareMore Nutrition, LLC started in 2014 in Rochester, NY. Our office and mixing facility are located at 850 St Paul Street, Rochester, NY. Our facility includes a clean, completely climate controlled manufacturing facility that resembles a restaurant style kitchen. All our formulas are hand mixed by human hands right here in our home office eliminating any risk of contamination.  We warehouse and ship everything we sell from our own loading docks with daily shipments, both in and out, via FedEx, UPS & USPS. CareMore Nutrition, LLC carries product liability insurance for all products we sell. All natural ingredients used in our products are grown and/or produced in the USA. Our product development team includes a practicing veterinarian and a licensed US pharmacist, a project manager, and 2 investors who personally own horses that currently compete at USEF sanctioned events. CareMore Nutrition, LLC is committed to manufacturing only the highest quality dietary supplements for use in animals and to deliver our products with excellent customer service. All our products come with a money back guarantee printed on the label.  All of the formulas we sell have been field tested, veterinarian endorsed & proven for a period of 365 days minimum prior to being offered for sale.


Private Label inquiries welcome at Wendi@CareMoreNutrition.com

Home page photo credit to Kenny Webster.


"When someone shares something of value with you and
you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others."

And we agree...that's why we started CareMore Nutrition.