RevolutionEQ to the Rescue: Helping humans help horses in need.

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Kelly Smith, Director of Omega Horse Rescue pictured above with one of the horses in her Rescue Program. 

“CareMore has the best weight-gain supplements ever made.”

That quote comes from Kelly Smith, Founder and Director of Omega Horse Rescue, who has developed a nutrition plan with the CareMore team. Kelly runs Omega Horse Rescue in Airville, Pennsylvania, where she has been working to contain the fallout from over breeding since her childhood.

“There's a problem in the fact that we have so many young horses being born every year and over breeding leads to horse slaughter. People don't take the time to train them, and a lot of them end up going to slaughter. For instance, a breeder might have a two-year-old stud horse that they've never handled or gelded or broke. That in itself is pretty much a death sentence, because not many people want to take on an unhandled stud horse.”

The majority of the work Kelly does is with horses rescued from slaughter, but Kelly will try to find a home for any equine, including a mule who currently lives at the rescue.

CareMore Nutrition has really, really benefited the types of horses that we get through the rescue program. In the sense that we get a lot of horses in need of gaining weight and to get their health and vitality back. And the products that Wendi puts out just compliment, like I said, the work that we do. And they really help our animals getting to looking well and healthy again.”

“With RevolutionEQ, we don't have to feed as much grain, and I know that when we feed CareMore Products. They go hand in hand with the nutrition program that we have set up for each horse, and we have never had any issues of colic, or any other health concerns that sometimes you can find when you change a horse's diet, that's been starved or neglected. The aloe supplement that she has is a very stomach soothing product and it just works very well for our horses.”

Kelly’s endorsement of CareMore’s RevolutionEQ makes us especially proud because she has tried so many other products.

“I can say that bar none, CareMore Nutrition has done an amazing job in putting weight on our horses. And we've, like I said, tried a lot of different ones, but really, there aren't any that have come close to this.”

To learn more about Omega Horse Rescue, click here.

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