From Wild to Mild in 100 Days

April 06, 2017

Olivia Dodd is using RevolutionEQ for the Wild to Mild challenge.

Olivia Dodd, 24, Murfreesboro, TN

“If you wake up in the morning and you are energized by the idea of what you’re doing, then that is your passion and you should always pursue it. And if it drains on you, and you are exhausted by the idea of what you’re doing everyday, then that is work.”

These wise words come from Olivia Dodd, CareMore Nutrition’s newest addition to the select group of trainers it sponsors. At 24 years old and hailing from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Olivia’s positive outlook and results-driven pragmatism are going to come in handy as she embarks on a mission to tame a wild mustang.


The Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge is an effort by the Bureau of Land Management to prevent the wild horses on federal lands from exhausting their food supply and falling victim to starvation. Participants have 100 days to transform their horses “from wild to mild” for a prize of $25,000.

As soon as she learned of the contest, Olivia was sold. “I loved the idea that these horses are truly wild and that they're the same kind of wild horses that were around a hundred years ago, and I just really like the idea of repurposing them.”

The thing with the makeover is that the participants don’t actually get to pick their mustangs—each one is assigned a random mustang. This particular makeover had been advertised as geldings, but because they had more trainers apply than they had geldings, they had to add mares to the pool.

Olivia is confident that she can win the Challenge with the help of CareMore Nutrition’s RevolutionEQ. When asked about other products she has used previously, Olivia drew on her past experience to make her point.

“What I really like about RevolutionEQ is that it does the job of several products all in one. And I feel like it is more effective than most—the fact that I saw a horse that had never been known to dapple and and he developed such a beautiful, glossy coat and looked amazing. His feet were in the best condition of his life. His trainer had tried various other supplements before RevolutionEQ and just nothing else seemed to really work.”

While Olivia says the horses in the Challenge will probably not be malnourished, she does expect substantial improvement with RevolutionEQ.

“Within the first 100 days I expect it to fill out quite a bit, put on all the proper muscling and just kind of blossom into the extremely athletic-looking, highly attractive horses they really are. And mentally it's going to go from not ever having been touched by a person to ideally being able to ride it around and explore new things.”


Olivia's mustang, Flynn, on Day 1 of the challenge. 

Olivia’s love of horses goes back to her childhood. Her mother began exposing her to them when she was five years old—and her love for the animal only increased as she grew into adulthood. After having become an accomplished hunter and jumper, Olivia met CareMore Nutrition’s founder Wendi Schenkel while she was stabling on a circuit.

“I met Wendi last year at Ocala. The barn I was working for stabled next to her, across from the horse show during all of the circuit. One of the girls in our barn ended up getting RevolutionEQ and putting her horse on it. This is a horse that was notorious for his digestive problems and bad feet. As he progressed on his regimen of RevolutionEQ, I witnessed his feet improve and he was getting dappled. He just seemed to be improving overall, and I was really impressed. I looked into it more and really liked all the ingredients, everything it's made from. It's a product that I very much am impressed with and I like how it's made and what it does. I've always wanted to use it on another horse and now I have the chance.”

We are looking forward to watching Olivia's success with Flynn!

To learn more about RevolutionEQ or the talented trainers CareMore Nutrition is proud to sponsor, contact us!

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